Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate true friendships, deep personal friendships for as many people as we can — friendships like Nolan and Ella have found in eachother. It’s easy to get lost in the world of social media where superficial acquaintances are referred to as “friends” — and even many friends and family have found themselves drifting apart over the last several years as our lives have become more and more hectic to maintain, and status updates and txt messages have replaced real and meaningful conversations with loved ones. True friends who want to really engage and connect on a deeper level are pretty hard to come by, especially these days. Our mission is to make it much easier. We have decided to dedicate our lives to helping people find their true path in life, overcome fear or social anxiety and feel a sense of purpose and belonging that every human being deserves. To facilitate the kinds of bonds we all yearn for, and we’ve created a formula to do just that. Our own story is a testament to whats possible for those that are willing to make the investments. It cannot be overstated that, anything worth having in this world requires an investment — and friendships are no exception.

Our Story

The House of Mirrrors was founded by Nolan Stone and Ella Adler.

Our Story – From Nolans Perspective:

I (Nolan) met Ella in 2019 on Reddit of all places, a site neither of us hardly ever use. I was in a really bad place and I really didn’t have anyone I felt I could talk too as I was grappling with the idea of contacting my Twin Flame after 25 years of separation. I was married to a narcissist who had a mother who was a psychopath and I was literally in fear for my life and my daughters life. I was desperate and on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Note: My story is a long one, and its not my intention to get into great detail here, but rather to tell the story of how Ella and I met, and ultimately created the house of mirrors together. if you are interested in reading my detailed story feel free to visit my website at https://nolanstone.com  Someday Ella will write her story too (Nolan pokes Ella – poke poke) and when she does you can read more about her at https://ellaadler.com

Anyhow, nobody in my friend of family group could really understand what I was going through, between essentially being a gay man, an INFJ (introvert), and an Empath being emotionally abused by a narcissist and a psychopath, and totally overwhelmed with thoughts of my Twin Flame that I had not spoken too in 25 years and contemplating reaching out to him. I wanted to find someone who I felt could relate to me the most, and I was heavily into the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) on my mission of self discovery — So, I went onto the INFJ subreddit and noticed they had a chat room. I observed 2 girls chatting, one of them being Ella, for awhile before I got up the nerve to reach out, tell my story, and seek advice. I’d been in a relationship for 17 years with someone who used every one of my weaknesses and vulnerabilities as weapons against me, so I was very nervous at the thought of taking my mask off and making myself vulnerable with a complete stranger. After observing the extremely caring nature of Ella as she chatted with this other girl, I felt safe right away that she wouldn’t poke fun at me or think I was too weird for spilling my gutts out. I saw that she actually listened, and she was not in any big rush to run away from a real conversation like my typical experience with social media connections I’ve had with people. So I took the plunge… I started sharing the story of my Twin Flame. I cried profusely as I poured my heart out and we chatted for a couple of hours that first time I think…

It felt weird at first because the typical ‘roles’ were reversed from any sort of “norm”. Here I was a middle aged gay man pushing 50 and I was seeking advice from a 22 year old girl about my first love that I hadn’t even even spoken too since before she was born! The reality was however, I wanted a young persons advice who could maybe try and explain to me where things went wrong so long ago, when I was exactly 22. This coincidence became a pattern of synchronicity between us that continues to this day.

more to come…