Do You?

Do you ever wish you had a group of really close friends that you can share your innermost feelings with – friends who won’t judge you for your beliefs – friends you can be vulnerable with?

Do you find it hard to talk about certain things within your existing group of friends or family and just feel like you have nobody to talk too?

Do you want to create lasting bonds with people based on mutual respect and understanding – people who share common interests that is important to you?

Do you feel like friendship should be so much more than what social media has to offer — or that social media is shallow and lacking in the kind of depth you need to be truly satisfied?

Our Solutions

A big part of what we have focused on is breaking down what makes deep and lasting relationships work. The foundation of deep and lasting friendships is having at least 1 common interest that is of significant importance in their lives, a similar moral standard among them, and an adherence to mutual respect.

Creating safe spaces:

Having a safe space that’s free of ridicule or nay-saying is critical to allowing deeper bonds to form, and that’s why we focus a lot of attention on how to create filters to keep these kinds of people out of our circles. How we do that is by making it an “investment”. Anything worth having in this world requires an investment of either time, or money, or aboth. This is true of any type of personal relationship whether it’s a romantic relationship or a platonic friendship. In order to truly value something, almost without exception, requires an investment. So, the best way to filter these people out is by making it an investment. A monetary investment, an investment in time and self.

    • Monetary Investment : The free nature of social media has created a culture of “trolls” who seem to enjoy making other people feel bad about themselves because they have not INVESTED anything and have nothing to lose. They are not interested in making friends, but just causing problems, so they wouldn’t be willing to pay money to do that. 
    • Time Investment : Truly bonding with people requires you to invest YOUR TIME into it. You cannot simply “buy friends” as if they come from a vending machine either, so another way we have created a filter for these type of people who are only interested in ‘what they get for their money’  is by creating a small survey that requires only a few minutes sof your time, but is something these type of people would not be willing to do. 
    • Investing Your Self : This survey will also ask to reveal some personal information about themselves. True friends need to be able to share their true selves, and if someone is unwilling to do that in the simple survey then c’est la vie.

Common Interests (circles):

Most truly meaningful friendships start by having a common interest, and that’s where the different circles come in.

    • It’s easy to find people with simple common interests. For example 2 people may love Orange Crush. But a long lasting bond that’s formed by the mutual love of Orange Crush is not going to be a strong or lasting bond because it’s not something that is all that important to you. The more important the common interest is, the deeper the bond will be. Not only is there a lot more to talk about than your obsession with Orange Crush, but it has deeper meaning in your life than the simple pleasures of Orange Crush; So – it’s just a crush, and not really meaningful. haha.
    • We’ve created a series of friend circles around subject matter that many people find deeply meaningful. With that we can bring people together under a common interest that has the ability of creating these kinds of deep and long lasting bonds.

Facilitating conversations:

Meeting new friends can be awkward. We understand that, and we are here to make it easy to get people talking and sharing and keeping the conversation flowing. So, even if you are shy or reserved you will still fit right in. Nobody will be pressured to participate, so if you are an introvert and/or  prefer to be a wallflower most of the time that’s perfectly ok too, but just know that the whole circle will be there for you when you are comfortable and ready. Our circles were designed and facilitated by Nolan Stone (an INFJ) and Ella Adler (an ENFJ) to make it comfortable for everyone.:

    • We make it easy to break  the ice and and start conversations.
    • We lead discussions with interesting topics selected for each circle to get things started.
    • We are always ready to fill in any awkward silence with new, fun and relevant transitions to keep the conversation going so that its easy to make friends even if you are shy or reserved.

Is This Right For You?

We understand and recognize that this is not for everyone, and on the same token we are only looking for certain types of people — people who are ‘compatible’ with our own moral standards of open-mindedness and mutual respect and we are ONLY looking for the kindest, most caring, giving, and compassionate people we can find — people who understand that GIVING is just as important  (if not more-so) than GETTING. We are not looking for just anyone, we are looking for a special breed of people that will bond together into really close personal friendships. This cohesion is necessary to create the type of deep connections we are trying to facilitate.

This entire project was founded on the premise that all things that are truly valuable in life require some form of sacrifice (aka giving) in order to receive the valuable ‘thing’. This applies to nearly every aspect of life. from investing & business, to love relationships (platonic or romantic). Everything in this world worth having requires a balance between give and take. It is our belief that the proliferation of “social media” has created a situation in many peoples lives that have put this “give & take” out of balance, often times VERY out of balance. Self centered personalities have sprung up all over social media in the form of trolls. It can be seen in the comments sections of YouTube videos, Instagram, Facebook, tiktok, reddit etc. — pretty much everywhere.

A big part of the reason these “trolls” are everywhere is because nearly every social media platform is totally free… the truth of the matter is, people do not have anywhere near the value for things that are free as they do for things that they have invested in, because some form of ‘giving’ or ‘sacrifice’ is necessary in order to truly value things — including other people. It is our belief that friendship is one of the most valuable resources in our lives. In order to preserve the value of our friend circles, we are purposefully creating hurdles that should keep most of these selfish/narcissistic people out, and pave the way for truly compassionate, caring and giving people to come together in harmony. Our goal is to only allow the best people through the door and become a part of one of our inner circles. All members must be respectful towards others at all times in order to maintain the “safe-spaces” we are creating to allow deep meaningful friendships to thrive.

Some of these barriers are that there is monetary barrier to join a group. It’s very unlikely that someone is going to pay the montlhy fee only to be a troll — and if they do, they will be wasting their money because their account will be terminated. Additionally, after joining the interest list by fill out the easy-peasy form below, you will be emailed a link to a small survey that will allow us to get to know you a little bit better. The idea is simple, we are looking for people who are willing to ‘put themselves out there’ in pursuit of finding kindred spirits. Someone who is really looking to bond with and be a part of an intimate circle of friends should be ready to share some personal things, and they should be willing to “put their money where their mouth is” because if you don’t believe having a group of true friends it worth the monthly fee, or that it’s not worth your time to fill out a simple survey, then its ok. To be fair, this is probably most people, and we certainly won’t hold it against you, but our groups are probably not a good fit for you anyway, so It’s cool.

But, if what we’ve been saying resonates with you, and it all sounds good to you, and you see the value in what we have to offer, and you are willing to invest in it,  what I can tell you is, true friends are hard to come by, and you are proving that you have what it takes to be a true friend to others and there are others waiting for you on the other side that can’t wait to meet you.

There are a million reasons why it’s gotten harder and harder to meet really good friends — friends that you can feel safe being vulnerable with and really create lasting bonds with, friends who have a shared interest and value system.  We’re then creating circles around a few central themes so that everyone in each group has a common interest and that creates a foundation from which to build lasting friendships.

If you feel the need to justify spending $79/mo, ask yourself what it would be worth to you to have a group of true friends that you can lean on, and then remember that having a friend circle like ours is A LOT CHEAPER THAN THERAPY!

Important Note: We feel that often times all someone really needs are good friends to talk too, but what we offer is NOT a replacement for professional therapy. We encourage anyone who feels the need for a licensed therapist to seek or continue with therapy. We are simply a peer group, and we are not licensed therapists or anything like that, we just seek to be friends, and any advice you may receive should not be considered as coming from a ‘professional’ but merely from a friend who wants the best for you.

Just Ask Yourself These 3 Questions:

  • How much are true friends worth to you? (are they worth $79/mo?)
  • Are you willing to invest your time to create deep & long lasting friends? (our zoom based video conferences will be on a set schedule and last  60-90 minutes twice per month, and there will be opportunities to participate in our discord groups 24/7 as a more free-flow platform to communicate with your circle)
  • Are you willing to invest yourself emotionally — to give of yourself and help support your friends in the circle as much as they are willing to give of themselves to help and support you?


If what we are saying resonates with you, then one of these groups might be a good fit for you.


Below is a list of the interest groups we are currently offering. This list may expand in the future, and you may feel free to contact us if you would like to make a suggestion for a different interest that you think would be a good fit for us. These are all interests that interest the facilitators, Nolan and Ella, but are certainly not the end-all be-all of our interests.

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