The Spiritual Seekers Circle is for people who are seeking answers to the biggest mysteries of consciousness, the nature of reality, and what it all means that we are here experiencing this thing we call LIFE. We are seekers of truth and we are. We are open minded in our quest for answers to the biggest questions we can think of. We feel as if there is a “path” to follow in our search for understanding. We try to find meaning in synchronicity and use it as a guidepost along our spiritual path. We seek meaning and purpose in our life’s journey, and we do so in a way that expands  well beyond the day to day pleasures (or pains) that life has to offer us. There is a reason we are here, we intuitively know this, and the mystery of it all gnaws at us constantly. We may linger in the spirituality section of Barnes and Nobel hoping something jumps out at us and says “THIS IS IT!” Our recommended videos on YouTube are 1 part news, 2 parts recipes or silly/cute animals or something like that, and 5 parts videos about spiritual enlightenment.

If we are bold enough to be honest when someone asks, we identify ourselves as “Spiritual, but not Religious”. We are open minded seekers of enlightenment and we are always ready to raise our vibrations to allow love, happiness, abundance and prosperity into our lives. What we seek here in this world — in this reality — this dimension — this incarnation — this (insert concept of existence here) — is LOVE and understanding from the people around us. Often times many of us are in situations where the people around us are not as open minded or supportive as we are, and its not very easy or enjoyable to talk about these types of subjects with them. They may be perfectly wonderful people in every other way, and we may love them to pieces, but at the same time find it difficult to share our deepest thoughts with them on spiritual matters. They may have a more conformed view of religion or a lack of spiritual interest beyond consensus reality, or simply not as passionate about the big questions as we are.

Because of this, we may find ourselves stuck in ‘OBSERVER MODE ONLY’ where our only real outlets for our deepest curiosities is in books or is watching YouTube videos where we can’t really engage with others and bounce ideas back and forth, or share things with, or actually ask questions of others to help form our emerging world views. That’s what this circle is for. Real people, who are also on a spiritual path and seeking their own personal truths = people that you can interact with, discuss things with, seek advice from, share and learn and develop new ways of looking at things that you may have never considered before. Consider it an experiment in social synchronicity. Who knows who you will meet on the other side, or what you may learn, or who’s lives you may impact by sharing your own ideas and experiences! If this describes you, we really hope to be friends, and we know we are not the only ones, so we hope you will join us!

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Our regular circle hangouts will be hosted over ZOOM and will be 60-90 minutes every other week (most likely on Sundays, but more days will be added as needed to accommodate everyone) and the cost will be $79/mo. In addition to joining in on our regular hangouts, you will also have access to our private Discord server 24/7 where there will be impromptu chats and whatnot with anyone who happens to be online.

If everything sounds good to you, use the form below and you will be added to the interest list. Afterwards you will be sent an email with a link to a small survey. The survey is designed to test the willingness of potential members/friends to invest the time to fill it out (its short tho, I promise), but also to test their willingness to share some relatively minor personal information with us -- This would be required if you actually wish to be friends with anyone wouldn't it? Once this small survey is filled out you will be notified of any current openings in existing groups, or if you have been added to a waiting list. We'd like all groups to have at least 5 people in them, and no more than 25 so that we can keep each group rather intimate.

Note: ZOOM and Discord are both free software available on Windows, Mac, IOS & Android and Linux.

No pressure or anything, but this is the part where you take action and fill out the form below.

Because our friend circles may contain "adult themes", you must be over 18 to be a member of any circle.

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