The True Friends Circle is designed for people who share a common interest in general self improvement and self discovery. They are not necessarily obsessed with Tony Robbins or Depak Chopra per se, but they have the ability to self-reflect and have a desire to be a better person — a better person for themselves and for the sake of others. The circle is meant as a safe space to share your strengths and admit your weaknesses. A place of mutual respect where we can be accepted as our true selves, and accept others for who they are as well. We understand that true friends lift each other up, not put them down. We lend an ear when one is needed, and we bend an ear when one is needed. True friendship bonds form when we can take off our masks and share our authentic selves, where our ‘flaws’ or ‘weaknesses’ are accepted – where we can be vulnerable and know that we are safe from judgement or ridicule.

There is rather diverse circle with a broad array of people in mind – good people who seek good people, and there is no room in this circle for any form of hate, or even just non-acceptance of diversity. This is the perfect circle for anyone who feels like our other circles and not a really good fit for them. This circle is meant to be fun and lively like a “happy hour” with friends. Bring your own drinks (seriously — beer, wine, cocktail, coffee, tea, water… whatever floats your boat) and we will bring the ice breakers to keep the conversation alive for all you wallflowers too. We are armed with awkward silence killers and we are ready to have some fun right along with some deep and meaningful conversations. We know we’re not alone when we say we’d love for you to join us!

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Our regular circle hangouts will be hosted over ZOOM and will be 60-90 minutes every other week (most likely on Sundays, but more days will be added as needed to accommodate everyone) and the cost will be $79/mo. In addition to joining in on our regular hangouts, you will also have access to our private Discord server 24/7 where there will be impromptu chats and whatnot with anyone who happens to be online.

If everything sounds good to you, use the form below and you will be added to the interest list. Afterwards you will be sent an email with a link to a small survey. The survey is designed to test the willingness of potential members/friends to invest the time to fill it out (its short tho, I promise), but also to test their willingness to share some relatively minor personal information with us -- This would be required if you actually wish to be friends with anyone wouldn't it? Once this small survey is filled out you will be notified of any current openings in existing groups, or if you have been added to a waiting list. We'd like all groups to have at least 5 people in them, and no more than 25 so that we can keep each group rather intimate.

Note: ZOOM and Discord are both free software available on Windows, Mac, IOS & Android and Linux.

No pressure or anything, but this is the part where you take action and fill out the form below.

Because our friend circles may contain "adult themes", you must be over 18 to be a member of any circle.

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