The Deeper Love Circle is for those of us who feel such a deep love for someone that it overwhelms our souls. It is often difficult to talk about this type of a connection with others who have not experienced it, and to be fair, this is most people. The intensity of these types of experiences are hard to keep to yourself, and talking about this subject (which is probably one of the most important subjects in your life)  can actually strain some friendships by doing so too often with those who don’t really understand or appreciate the the intensity of it all and we need an outlet! We feel a deep need to talk to people who understand what we are going through.

There are many different types of these connections, and there are various names that attempt to define them so that we can try and make sense of it all. There are soulmates, and then there are Twin Flames, and then there are Karmic Connections. Most often there is a romantic element to these love bonds, but sometimes it’s purely platonic but equally powerful. We’ve chosen to combine all these types of bonds into a single circle because the all share the common thread of experiencing a deep connection with someone that can be both glorious and soul wrenching at the same time. All of who have had these types of connections ride this emotional roller-coaster, We all get confused and need an understanding ear to listen to us, and reassuring voice to help guide us from true friends who understand and do not judge us.

The truth is, this circle will probably appeal mostly to those who are not in union with their twin flame or soulmate, but some may or may not be in in some form of karmic relationship or ‘relationship of convenience.’ Everyone’s story is different, just know that it doesn’t matter if your twin/soul is an active participant in your daily life or not — everyone is welcome here.

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Our regular circle hangouts will be hosted over ZOOM and will be 60-90 minutes every other week (most likely on Sundays, but more days will be added as needed to accommodate everyone) and the cost will be $79/mo. In addition to joining in on our regular hangouts, you will also have access to our private Discord server 24/7 where there will be impromptu chats and whatnot with anyone who happens to be online.

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