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My name is Nolan Stone. My story is a long one, and you are more than welcome to read all about me on my “About Me” page. For the purposes of Tarot reading however, I’m an intuitive empath. I come from a long line of intuitive people on my mothers side, which can be traced all the way back to my great great great grandfather (yep 3 greats lol), who (family rumor has it) was a Native American Shaman. My memory only stretches back my Grandmother however, and she was the most  gifted woman I’ve ever known. This gift has passed on to all of her children, and all of her children’s children (that’s me!)  If I’m being honest, it has felt as much a curse as a gift until I started using this gift to help others. Helping others completes a karmic cycle that allows me to stay true to my own path in life.

My Approach to the Tarot

I utilize the Tarot in a rather unique, or at the very least, a non-traditional way. I VERY MUCH believe in “Synchronicity” and have been ‘walking the path of synchronicity’ every day for the past 10 years after a near death experience. I’ve had 2, and both were life altering, but the last one is most relevant in this context. Having experienced “THE ONENESS“, or the “NON-DUAL” nature of reality first hand (some might call this “meeting God“) and through that experience I discovered my own path, my “life’s purpose” if you will, and that is to help guide others who may be lost or off their path, to navigate their own path again. Finding and following your own inner path is, IMHO, the purpose of life in this reality, and certainly the way towards a more happy and fulfilling life. The tarot is like a little book of wisdom, (like the the Tao Te Ching in card form) that can help guide you to finding fulfillment by way of synchronicity. Synchronicity triggers intuition to act as a sort of “guard rail” along the path. Often times we focus on things that do not serve us in our journey through life, and for this reason I do not take questions. I allow my synchronicity to choose the cards, and my intuition to guide me toward delving out the information the recipient needs to know at this time about where their focus should be centered.

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